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Frequently Asked Questions

We desire to organically earn and maintain your trust so we do not lock our services into a legal contract.  We do ask that you inform us if we are not fully meeting any of your expectations so we can take corrective action or reach a mutual resolution quickly.

A client should never need to add chemicals to the pool if we are providing a weekly service. If there is a chemical concern, please notify our client representatives immediately and we will schedule an extra free visit to check the pool’s water and or treat if necessary.

Absolutely!  We also perform background checks, driving record checks, and have trainers mentor and monitor anyone in training prior to hiring any employees.

For textbook best practice and comfort we recommend a partial draining of the pool’s water every year.  We are able to balance the water for extended durations but the total dissolved solids will begin to rise and issues such as high stabilizer, calcium deposits, staining, and re-occurring algae will begin to be noticed if it is never performed. We do offer this service if you prefer.

This will vary throughout the year.  In high wind and dry air seasons, pools can loose up to 3 inches a week and as a result some clients prefer to leave their hose dripping in the pool if they do not have an automatic fill feature. Others purchase a hose timer and we have seen both work well.

Industry standard and best practice is every 3 months. Larger intervals may result in larger energy bills, accelerated wear on the pump, motor, filter internals, eye irritation, staining, and faster rise in the dissolved solids in the pool’s water. In some cases it may be necessary to perform this more often but for most clients this is only needed every 3 months.

Our goal is to add the maximum value for the service we were hired to perform, but for safety and insurance reasons, we may have to forgo a few service items requiring use of a pole if there is lightning in the area during a cleaning visit. We will obviously catch up on these items there very next week, unless you need them sooner and request a free visit.

Our goal is to make our billing system simple, easy and fair for everyone. Of the 52 weeks a year, we charge for 4 weeks on the first of each month (4 weeks X 12 months = 48 of the 52 weeks a year) and once, at the end of each quarter (15th of that of last month), we bill for the additional cleaning and chemical visit we performed that quarter.  If we take off for a vacation, we will clean the pool earlier/later that week, or provide a credit for the cleaning visit portion.

We would be glad to set you up with our secure payment method to prevent the monthly interruptions.

If we arrive to clean you swimming pool and there is rain, we will still perform all the possible service items on your pool. Technicians will do the best they can, even though they may not be able to see as clearly. If you are on the Signature service, we will catch up on the vacuuming the next week, unless you need us to make an extra visit sooner.