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Common Repairs

At Noah’s Pool Service we focus on the things you need! We provide great repair and or replacement options for all the essential equipment items. We are always looking for ways to prevent equipment failures, while keeping long term costs to a minimum. If you require assistance on a discontinued item or a unique proprietary component, we will try to connect you to a specialist in that area of the pool industry. For all the common pool equipment components, we have great solutions and we strive to make every service request as simple and valuable as possible. Please let us know how we can serve you today by calling us 817.269.4520!

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Regular Maintenance

Learn more about the most common repairs needed to keep your pool clean and working properly.


All things need maintenance and pool structures are no different. When you need structural work we are glad to help. Common Remodel needs are Decking Repair, Tile Replacement, coupling replacement, re-surfacing or patches, mastic replacement… and we would be glad to discuss your situation. We can expedite helping you if you are willing, send us some pictures of the concern and or damage so we can have an expert call you and provide a good, affordable and lasting solution. Please contact us today!

We can also:

  • Extend lifespan on slightly warn plaster / pool surfaces with customer treatments.
  • Help reverse some types of stains from natural stone precipitation.
  • Reduce calcium precipitation if it is a result of water balance.
  • Re-Darken pools that have calcium precipitation and were originally a dark color.